Recovery is a long and difficult road. Some would say that trying to sum up that entire journey in just three steps is crazy and impossible. And, on some level, we agree. However, since recovery will be different for every person and take different lengths of time, we looked at what can help everyone, regardless of their specific situation. What we came up with is three steps to recovery that, if followed, will make everything else just a little bit easier. After all, you have to have a plan and know where you are going before you can start your journey.


When you first went to the addiction recovery center, you have to admit that you were not having clear thoughts. Your mind was focused on your addiction, whether you wanted to admit that or not. Addiction has a way of overtaking everything in your life and becoming your sole focus of attention. After all, the stress of detox can be overwhelming.

During your stay at rehab and while working with your substance abuse counselor, you have learned how to regain control of your thoughts, and you are returning to clear thinking. That is great news. Clear thoughts are the very first sign of recovery!

As you go through the drug rehabilitation process, you will begin to have clearer thoughts. You will start to feel the freedom not to have an addiction, which will take you to the next step of recovery.


Once you begin thinking more clearly and start progressing through the steps of recovery with your substance abuse counselor, you will discover that you have to take some courageous steps before you enter into your next phase of recovery.

Part of the recovery process is coming to terms with the addition. Your counselor will work with you to help you discover what led to your addiction and what can be done to prevent a relapse. They will also work with you to overcome your emotions about how your life was when you were under the influence of the addiction.

It is that part that takes courage. It is hard to admit that you were addicted to a substance. It is hard to admit that you made poor choices to feed that addiction. It is hard to admit that you may have hurt the feelings of those you love and push friendships to the brink of failure. These are some of those things you will never miss when you enter recovery.

But those courageous steps must be taken. You have to address these issues as part of your recovery. After you have overcome your addiction, part of staying sober is knowing why you never want to become addicted again. Those feelings are an excellent reason to stay sober.

Taking these courageous steps also helps you to heal these relationships. It helps you to build bridges between you and your friends again. It helps you discover reasons for staying sober. After all, you like the happiness you now feel because all of that bad stuff is over.

Now you can move on to step three.

3 steps to recovery


One of the things that addiction steals from a person is confidence. Addiction has a way of making you believe that you cannot do or feel anything unless you are under the influence. When you are going through drug rehab, you learn that this is not the truth.

As you overcome your addiction and make amends with yourself and others, a new thing starts to emerge in your personality – confidence. You are now starting to feel better about yourself. You are feeling more secure in your decisions. You know how to handle problems. You have learned how to interact with other people without drugs or alcohol.

Confidence is an amazing feeling. It is that feeling you have when you know that you are back in charge of your life. It is that great spark of happiness when you know that you have the tools to make good decisions and to stick by your choices. It is the feeling of success.

Confidence is what will help you succeed in your recovery when you lead the rehabilitation center. Confidence is what will keep you attending your meetings and visiting a therapist if necessary, and taking care of your health. Confidence will also make you feel great about making all of these choices for a better life.


Entering rehab is something that scares a lot of people. There will be so much change while in recovery. The addiction has taken over so much of their life and personality that it seems almost impossible to stop. But the great news is that once you arrive, you will see that the benefits far outweigh the fear you may have had.

When you enter rehab, you will regain control of your thoughts and your life. You will take courageous steps to change the things that need to be changed and build a brighter future. You will leave rehab with the confidence in knowing that you succeeded with the program and are now in charge of your future. It is all worth the effort.

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