benefits of exercise while in recovery

You had learned a lot about yourself and your physical health when you were in the addiction recovery center. You have made great progress overcoming your addiction, and you have learned to manage change while in recovery. Your whole life is ahead of you to enjoy being sober.

When you were in luxury rehab, your substance abuse counselor worked with you to help you feel mentally and physically better. You learned better health techniques not to have to rely on other substances for mental or physical relief. You were always encouraged to place your health first.

One of the best ways to improve your recovery success while improving your health is to take up exercise as part of your recovery program.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise unless you like that kind of workout. It can be something as simple as incorporating a walking route into your day. Why is exercise so beneficial? The following reasons explain how exercise is beneficial to recovery.

Four Reasons To Exercise In Recovery

1. Exercise Calms The Brain Like Meditation

When you are exercising, your mind focuses on that exercise and basically blocks out everything else. Exercise is very focused, and its calming effects on the brain and the nervous system are very similar to those experienced by people who meditate. This clarity will roll over into your day, making everything seem much clearer and less chaotic.

2. Exercise Boosts Self Confidence

When you exercise, you are giving yourself a boost in confidence. Following through on the exercise routine, sticking to your plan, reaching your goals, and feeling the health benefits from your exercise will make you feel better about yourself.

A boost in self-confidence will help you continue exercising. It will help you create a routine where you are doing things that make you feel better, and it will continue to make you more confident about yourself and your good choices. This is one of the most positive benefits of exercise.

3. Exercise Is A Natural Stress Reliever

You may not realize how even the mildest of exercise can reduce your stress levels. The act of exercise will boost your adrenalin, increase serotonin production, and introduce more oxygen to your blood. More oxygen in your system will improve brain and blood function and boost your mood.

Exercise will also eliminate the muscle tightness that you experience when you are stressed. You cannot keep your muscles tight if you are exercising. They must be able to relax to move. If you are feeling very stressed, you can even schedule an intense workout to work off some steam.

exercise in recovery helps you sleep better

4. Exercise helps You Sleep Better

Sleep is essential for good health. When your body is well-rested, it feels better, and your thoughts are much clearer. Good sleep is essential for preventing disease and reducing stress. Getting good sleep also helps those in recovery avoid feeling any and anxious because they are overtired.

When you add even the smallest amount of exercise to your daily routine, you give your body a chance to work itself out enough to be tired when it is time for bed. You can then enjoy a good rest because your body will be producing sufficient melatonin to keep you sleeping well.

Additional Benefits Of Exercise

Of course, there are additional benefits to adding exercise to your recovery routine. You will improve your muscle mass, increase your ability to burn calories, fight off different ailments, ad feel stronger and healthier.

Your body will become more toned, you will have more energy, and you will be able to do things that you may not have been able to do before you went into rehab.

Your exercise routine will become an essential part of your recovery program. You may even be able to get people from your support groups or family and friends to work out or exercise with you. The group effort can make it more fun and keep you interested in continuing the program.

When they told you that everything would change once you left drug rehab and faced life in recovery, you probably never thought about adding exercise to your daily to-do list. However, exercise is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve your health, stay in recovery, and avoid a relapse!

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