Opioid Treatment Methods

Overcoming opioid addiction can be challenging. The body becomes so physically dependent on the opiates that the physical detox from the drug can be strenuous. When you are in a substance abuse recovery center for opiate abuse, this can be the hardest part of recovery.


Buprenorphine is a medication that has been shown to provide some much-needed relief for the physical withdrawals from opiates. Sadly, this is a controlled substance and requires that only a specially trained doctor prescribe this treatment. In the United States, less than 5 percent of all practicing doctors have this certification, and less than half of those doctors use the medication to treat patients.

  • Under the Trump Administration, the opiate crisis was declared a national emergency.
  • Between June 1, 2019, and June 1, 2020, 83,000 deaths related to opiate overdoses in the United States.
  • This is an alarming rate of deaths.
  • These deaths impact all age groups, nationalities, and economic backgrounds.
  • These deaths occur in all areas and are not limited to the back streets of big cities like many people want to believe.

Health and Human Services under this administration lifted these requirements so that more doctors could issue treatment using Buprenorphine. For many rehab centers, this was a blessing.

Sadly, the new administration does not see things the same way. One of the first executive orders issued by President Biden was to revoke this authorization until such a time that it could be reviewed to see if it was necessary. This was a sad day for drug treatment.

Thankfully, for those who are fighting opiate addiction, there is still help available. Working with a substance abuse recovery center can still help you overcome your addiction and enter into recovery.

Addiction Recovery Centers Understand Opiate Addictions

Do not let this setback in treatment methods prevent you from seeking help from drug rehab. Addiction recovery centers have other options for easing the discomfort of opioid addiction at their disposal and can help you break your addiction.

Through the use of medical care, both physically and emotionally, you can still overcome your addiction and enter into recovery.

When you are in drug rehab, you will address the physical addiction as well as the mental and emotional addiction to the opiate. You will work with medical care providers that can help you ease the discomfort of detox and with substance abuse counselors that will help with the emotional and mental struggles that come with breaking an addiction.

In the rehabilitation center, you will also address other medical conditions that may be contributing to your addiction. Many people find themselves in a Catch-22 situation where they self-medicate because of a medical condition or develop a medical condition from the addiction. When you address all the issues related to the addiction you leave rehab feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally. This great feeling helps you maintain the steps to managing change in recovery.

Recovery Is Attainable

Although the use of Buprenorphine could help treat opiate addiction, it is not the only method for treatment. This setback in the advancement of addiction treatment is just that, a small bump in the road. It will not stop quality treatment centers from providing much-needed help with addiction.

Addiction recovery is attainable and worth the effort. When you enter into recovery, you will experience something you have not had in your life for a very long time – control. You will now be in control of your life, not the addiction. You will make the choices for yourself now, not for your addiction.

When you enter into recovery, you rediscover the world around you. You relearn how to enjoy yourself without the addiction. You experience the happiness of deciding your future and what you want it to be from now on. You get to be the one who controls your every action, and it is exhilarating.

If there is any doubt in your mind about going to rehab and breaking your addiction, you should let go of that doubt. Addiction recovery programs and centers are designed to make the transition from addiction to recovery as easy as possible so that you can see the many benefits of remaining sober. The only risk that you have with entering into a drug treatment facility is the risk of not going and having to stay in addiction.

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