The Problems With Spice

Spice is the street name for a synthetic form of marijuana. The product is often sold in gas stations as an herbal supplement or as a product similar to CBD, but the truth is, Spice is neither.

Spice is an unregulated product that people are using to get high. They believe that this synthetic form of marijuana can be smoked or ingested just like natural marijuana. However, it is not safe. Recently in Florida, several deaths were linked to people who bought a batch of “spice” and smoked it like marijuana.

Spice can cause serious side effects, including uncontrollable and spontaneous bleeding. Since this product is not regulated and generally produced outside of the United States and imported in, there is no guarantee what the “spice” actually contains.

Many people struggling with addiction turn to Spice because it is easy to find and very cheap to buy. However, the consequences of using this drug may be deadly.

Time To Consider Drug Rehabilitation

One of the reasons that many people turn to Spice is because of how cheap it is to acquire. Desperation makes these people overlook the dangers of using this unregulated chemical compound, and the desire to get high overrides any critical thinking. Addiction just works this way. This is why it is so important for anyone suffering from addiction to seek help.

Addiction does not have to be a life-long problem. Regardless of the substance or substances, you are using. There is a way to be free of addiction. Finding a luxury rehab center that focuses on your type of addiction is the first step in breaking the addiction and entering into recovery.

Overcoming Addiction Is A Multistep Process

One of the best things that you will learn when you enter an addiction recovery center is that breaking an addiction is a multistep process. Why is that such good information? Because it allows you to take the time you need to overcome the addiction and start to build a new life substance-free.

The first step is always addressing the physical addiction. While you are doing that, you can begin to address different areas, such as your physical and mental health. Trying to make yourself feel good in all areas of your life will allow you to overcome addiction and stay sober.

Following these steps is learning how to become a sober person. This is a real step. After living with an addiction for so long, it is necessary to learn how to live without one. It is not as difficult or as crazy of a notion as it seems.

When all of these steps to recovery are completed, you can enter into recovery and begin living your new life substance-free.


Spice Is Never Nice

It cannot be stressed enough that Spice is a very dangerous drug to use. Even though it can be purchased in convenience stores and gas stations and comes on pretty packaging does not mean it is safe. In fact, it is about as opposite of safe as it can get.

It is unknown what plants are being used to create this synthetic drug or the chemicals added to these plants to create the high. People who smoke the product may be inhaling dangerous chemicals and toxins that can severely damage their airways and lungs. Some of the chemicals may cause other damage to the body.

Ingesting the Spice as food or in other ways is just as dangerous. The people who began spontaneously bleeding in Florida were an even split between eating and smoking the product. At this time, doctors do not know what caused the bleeding to happen, and each of the victims has since died from the product.

In Summary

Even when drugs are promoted as harmless, there is potential for addiction or harm. If you find that you need to turn to any type of substance to help you cope with a situation or to make it through your day, you may have an addiction. It is time to seek help.

Enter into a drug rehab program and begin working with a substance abuse counselor so that you can overcome your addiction and protect yourself from harmful substances like Spice in the future. You will be glad that you made this choice.

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