When you are suffering from an addiction, you understand the physical and mental anguish that often comes with not accessing your drug. The withdrawals can become overwhelming, and the need to use the drug again takes precedence over everything.

For many people who have an addiction, the thought of detox and suffering from withdrawals is too much to handle. They avoid going to drug rehab because they think that they will never be able to survive the detox and enter into recovery.

This fear leads too many people believing that they can “manage” their addiction. That they can control the use of the drug, and if they limit their use, they will not have to live without the drug or go through detox. They believe that this will even prevent them from needing rehab.

Sadly, this is a lie that addicts tell themselves. There is no such thing as a controlled addiction. These people do not realize that in the right setting, drug detox does not have to be a terrible thing. In fact, it can be a positive, life-changing event.

Supervised Detox Is The Right Choice

Unlike going “cold turkey” at home, where you suffer the side effects of detoxing your body, going into an addiction recovery center for help can ease the strain of going through detox.

In a controlled setting like rehab, and with a SMART Recovery program, you will have medical care providers’ professional assistance and different therapies to help you get through the detox part of rehab. You will work closely with a substance abuse counselor to get emotional and mental support through the process. Medical care providers will help you with the physical discomfort that may occur while detoxing from an addiction.

emotional detox

Physical Detox Is Only Part One

Part of being in an addiction recovery center is to overcome all aspects of the addiction. Yes, the physical detox part is the first thing that is addressed. However, the addiction is not over until you also break the mental and emotional part of the addiction as well.

When you are in rehab, you are also going to address the emotional and mental connection to the addiction. This approach helps you understand your addiction on so many different levels. This is often considered the most intense part of rehab because you must answer questions about yourself that you may not like. But it is also the best part of rehab because you are so close to entering into recovery.

The Many Benefits of Recovery

After the physical, mental, and emotional detox from your addiction, you are ready to enter into recovery. This is wonderful news! Being in recovery means that you are now in charge of your life again. You are now in control. There is nothing that can hold you back from living your life and achieving your dreams.

When you enter into recovery, you no longer have to worry about the physical, mental, and emotional stress that comes with addiction. You no longer have to worry about hiding to get a fix. You no longer have to worry about the effects that the addiction has on your life.

When you are in recovery, you can now make plans for the future. You can achieve your dreams. You can set out to discover new things that you will enjoy. It is a chance to learn new things, go new places, and experience life as it was meant to be experienced.

You will be able to rebuild your relationships with family and friends and build new relationships. You will be able to return to your career or start a new one. Maybe there is a hobby that you would like to try or a place you would like to visit that your addiction never lets you enjoy. All of this is possible now that you are in recovery.

Yes, recovery still takes dedication and work. But every minute you stay in recovery is another minute you are enjoying your substance-free life, and that is a great thing.

So, is it worth the effort to go through detox to enter into recovery? The answer is yes. Every discomfort that you experience during detox will be rewarded ten times over when you enter into recovery.

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