CARF Accredited

Addiction Treatment & Recovery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The team at Retreat at Sky Ridge has always been committed to delivering exceptional service to our clientele. That commitment extends to the maintenance of the highest level of quality standards for our business practice.
All of us at Retreat at Sky Ridge are proud to demonstrate this commitment by achieving CARF accreditation for the Adult Programs you see listed below.

Integrated: Alcohol & Drug/Mental Health

  • Withdrawal Management / Detox
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Residential Treatment

Understanding CARF Accreditation’s Value in Addiction Treatment

In the journey to select a reputable addiction treatment provider, discerning the quality of care offered is paramount. As a globally recognized, independent nonprofit organization, CARF accredits a spectrum of health and human services in various sectors including Behavioral Health and Opioid Treatment Programs. Achieving CARF accreditation signifies a provider’s adherence to rigorous international service standards, showcasing their dedication to excellence and continuous improvement in care.

The Heart of CARF Accreditation: Person-Centered Care

At the core of CARF accreditation, and a pillar of our approach to treatment and reovery at Retreat at Sky Ridge, is the belief in the value and dignity of each individual. CARF accredited providers commit to making the person served the central focus of their services, ensuring they have a voice in the development of standards and feedback on the care received. This approach guarantees that services are not only effective but also aligned with the individual’s needs and rights to dignity, optimal care, and informed choice. It’s a commitment to excellence that respects the individual’s journey and supports their empowerment throughout their treatment and recovery process.

Learn More About CARF’s Mission and Accreditation Process

For those seeking more information about CARF International and its accreditation process, the CARF website offers a wealth of information. It serves as an essential resource for understanding the standards of excellence that CARF-accredited addiction treatment programs must meet. By visiting, prospective clients and their loved ones can gain insights into the benefits of choosing a CARF-accredited provider and how such accreditation serves as a cornerstone of quality and continuous improvement in care.

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