Mindfulness and Wellness
Mindfulness and Wellness

Mindfulness & Wellness

Discovering Personal Contentment In Recovery

Life can sometimes feel overly complicated. Overwhelming. But, you are not alone. At Retreat at Sky Ridge, our approach towards addiction treatment includes the holistic principles of mindfulness that support developing a mental toolkit that will help you navigate your recovery’s ups and downs and support long-term, sustainable wellness.

Our Holistic Approach To Recovery

For thousands of years, people worldwide have understood a powerful connection exists between the mind, the body, and overall good health. This philosophy has gained more traction as eastern-hemisphere disciplines, including yoga, meditation, and martial arts, have gained popularity and become much more mainstream in recent years.

We believe that training both the mind and the body are critical to successful addiction treatment here at Retreat at Sky Ridge. Fitness training builds strength, relieves stress, and increases stamina while providing a solid foundation for long-term recovery.

Mindfulness benefits recovery by teaching you how to calm the mind effortlessly, balance emotions, reflect on your inner world, and manage negative emotions and cravings in a healthy, positive way.

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