Discover the possibilities of life free from addictive behavior.
Discover the possibilities of life free from addictive behavior.

Aftercare Treatment

Aftercare Is Not An Afterthought

Aftercare is a crucial component of long-term recovery. At Retreat at Sky Ridge, we typically start developing a comprehensive aftercare plan following the client’s initial evaluation. Throughout their stay, we work with the client to determine healthy next steps, understanding that the individual’s unique circumstances will play a huge role in their long-term recovery.

The purpose of Aftercare is to support the client’s reintegration into work and family life while empowering them to discover the possibilities of a life lived free from addictive behavior. Every client will have an aftercare program to fit them and their therapeutic requirements and geographical needs. For instance, whether you are returning to Bentonville, AR, or Chicago, IL, we can connect you directly to local practitioners with whom we have cultivated relationships over the years. We can also schedule regular (weekly) 30 to 45-minute calls with our counselors to keep you connected to your Retreat at Sky Ridge support system.

Treatment Does Not End When You Leave

We support clients with the following resources to facilitate a safe, smart transition back into their community:

  • Relapse prevention strategy, documented and rehearsed before the end of residential treatment.
  • Referral for consistent participation and addiction support via self-help groups (i.e., Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous).
  • Regularly scheduled outpatient follow-up appointments with a clinician/counselor for outpatient therapy, if required.
  • As needed or requested, arrangements for a controlled living environment post-treatment – halfway houses, sober living, etc.
  • Post-treatment follow-up and support services are available via scheduled phone calls, video chats, emails, and text messages.
  • For those returning to the surrounding area, weekly in-person Aftercare meetings are available at our Eureka Springs campus.

Upon completion of the program, we act as an extended care facility. Graduates are encouraged to stay connected and visit at any time.

Retreat at Sky Ridge will be a lifelong partner in the recovery journey. Our team will remain available to clients and their families for continued guidance and advice regardless of where their journey takes them.

For more information on Aftercare Treatment and other treatment services, please give us a call at (877) 693-6010 or complete the short inquiry form below.

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