Relapse Track
Relapse Track

Relapse Track

Relapse Is A Process — Not An Event

It is understood in medical communities that a combination of environmental, biological, behavioral, and genetic factors contribute to addiction. Addiction is considered a progressive and chronic relapsing brain disease. Rather than looking at alcoholism and addiction as a chronic disease, SMART Recovery emboldens individuals struggling with addiction to see themselves as empowered to overcome the problematic behaviors instead of considering themselves powerless and at the mercy of the condition.

Regardless of whether it is drugs, alcohol, or co-occurring disorders, approximately one-half of all those in recovery will experience a relapse.

Developed for individuals who have been unable to attain long-term recovery following one or more treatment experiences, the Relapse Track addresses numerous, well-documented relapse patterns. As part of both this program and our Residential Treatment program, we work with the client to demystify the relapse process and better understand what leads them to relapse. In doing so, the client will be more prepared to see the next one coming and do the next right thing.

Possible candidates for the Relapse Track are:

  • Individuals that have been through other treatment programs and experienced one or more relapses
  • Individuals looking for an alternative to the traditional Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step method and want to try a new and more holistic approach
  • Individuals looking for an alternative to the regular treatment cycle and are looking to pick up where they left off in a previous treatment experience
  • Professionals who must maintain contact with their employer or personal business for the duration of their stay
    (The use of personal electronic devices, including phones and laptops, is welcomed and encouraged alongside the responsibilities of the programs. Fast, secure WIFI is available throughout the property.)

As part of this program, clients can expect:

  • Personalized treatment plans that factor in lessons learned from prior treatment and relapses
  • Clear abstinence and recovery goals
  • Detailed aftercare plans with strategies to identify and overcome potential risks to sobriety in the months following completion of the program

The Relapse Track is an inpatient treatment program where participants reside at our Eureka Springs, AR campus and participate in some of the same activities as those in our Residential Treatment program.

For more information on the Relapse Track and other treatment services, please give us a call at (877) 693-6010 or complete the short inquiry form below.

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