Residential Treatment Program
Residential Treatment Program

Residential Addiction Treatment

When You Are Ready, We Are Too

Our tried-and-true programs can set you free. The Residential Treatment program is a variable-length program requiring a minimum commitment of thirty days. This program provides clients with world-class addiction treatment right here in Eureka Springs, AR.

Our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program begins with an initial interview and intake for each new client. Upon admission, we complete a full physical, emotional, and psychological evaluation, which provides our team the information we need to develop a personalized substance abuse treatment plan.

We are committed to helping clients achieve their goals and live a life free from addiction.

Retreat at Sky Ridge takes a person-centered approach to treatment, as evidenced by the high staff-to-client ratio. The program is capped at 12 residential clients enabling us to focus on the individual and their development in a nurturing and supportive environment conducive to wellness and recovery. Although sessions and activities are frequently conducted in groups, the individual’s unique background will dictate the specific treatment program objectives and measures. Our residential treatment program is often preceded by medically-supervised detoxification at our facility.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Evidence-based treatment practices are those techniques that have been developed and researched over time and have proven to be effective statistically. The evidence-based practices used at Retreat at Sky Ridge are comprehensive and adapted to the client’s unique situation while remaining flexible. Our holistic approach considers the client as a person — an individual and considers their unique experiences and circumstances. We combine that with time-tested, evidence-based practices to achieve powerful results in our clients’ lives.

A one-size-fits-all approach (that works) does not exist for the treatment of addiction or co-occurring disorders. When it comes to treatment and helping people with their addiction or co-occurring illnesses, everyone can benefit from Evidence-Based Treatment modalities.

Retreat at Sky Ridge has developed a scientifically based treatment program facilitated by understanding and qualified professionals who apply the most effective and up-to-date treatment methods in the industry. The majority of these professionals at Retreat at Sky Ridge have dealt with addiction in their own lives and know what needs to happen to break free.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

If the top priority in life has been to feed their addiction, the greatest challenge to our client’s sustained recovery is the ‘void’ that presents itself in the absence of the addictive habit. In resolving addiction, clients are confronted with numerous obstacles pertaining to their future. All of these will in some way be related to the biggest question of all: “What’s next?”

Holistic Recovery

In addition to our core treatments rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and SMART Recovery, all of our recovery programs go beyond sobriety and focus on acquiring the health and skills needed to attain long-term recovery. Developing the mind and the body are the primary and most necessary foundations for succeeding in the initial recovery stages. The spiritual or creative aspects of the program are essential to long-term recovery.

Our treatment programs incorporate a holistic approach where we ask that clients embrace a life where they are fully functional and restored physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As a leading dual-diagnosis addiction program, we treat health and wellness imbalances as an underlying factor in addiction recovery. At Retreat at Sky Ridge, we empower every client with the tools required to optimize their life and successfully embrace life beyond treatment. In our experience, Evidence-Based Treatment without physical and mental wellness is a recipe only for short-term recovery.

We have developed our Health & Wellness component as an independent and complementary treatment to the core treatment services offered to combat this.

Staying Connected

The majority of inpatient addiction treatment programs place numerous restrictions on their clients to remove outside influences. We do not. Our programs encourage clients to remain connected to the outside world throughout their stay. Cell phone and computer use are encouraged alongside the responsibilities of the program. Secure, fast WIFI and satellite TV are available throughout the property.

Aftercare Is Not An Afterthought

Aftercare is a crucial component of long-term recovery. At Retreat at Sky Ridge, we typically start developing a comprehensive aftercare plan following the client’s initial evaluation. Throughout their stay, we work with the client to determine healthy next steps, understanding that the individual’s unique circumstances will play a huge role in their long-term recovery. Learn How We Support After Treatment »

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