Anyone that is familiar with marijuana understands that it is the THC that gives you the “high” when the substance is used. Molecularly, THC is Delta-9 because of its molecular structure. The Delta-9 molecules are also the ones growers target when they are modifying strains of marijuana to make them stronger. Delta-9 is considered an illicit substance and is still against federal law to have or consume.

So What Is Delta-8

Delta-8 is also a form of THC but is milder in strength. Delta-8 strains are found in both marijuana and hemp. Since hemp plants are bred to be low THC plants, Delta-9 is usually non-existent in hemp, and the remaining THC is stored in the Delta-8 molecules.

Under the U.S. Farm Bill, hemp is legal to grow, and byproducts of the hemp plant are also legal to be sold. Manufacturers have found a way to condense the Delta-8 THC from the hemp plants and market it as a wellness product.

Wellness or New Way To Get High

Delta-8 is being marketed as a way to relieve anxiety, manage pain, and help with insomnia. The product can be eaten, smoked, or vaped. It is available in many health food stores as well as gas station counters because it is considered a legal byproduct of hemp.

However, many people have discovered that it is a cheap alternative to getting high. The availability and affordability of this product have allowed many people to cross over to Delta-8 as an alternative to the much more expensive marijuana.

As for the health effects, there is no medical proof behind this claim. The substance is not FDA approved, nor have any conclusive medical studies conducted on this product or its medical benefits.

What is being seen in the medical industry is that this product is addictive, and people who are continually using the substance are starting to suffer from the same signs and symptoms of addiction, much like when using other similar substances. People are experiencing withdrawal when not using this substance, and most people need to keep increasing their use to obtain the same high.

Unregulated and Dangerous

Since this product is not regulated by the FDA and has not been tested by any other agency, it should be considered very dangerous for the following reasons:

– There are no manufacturing regulations on Delta-8. To extract this substance from the hemp plant and create a physical substance for consumption, most manufacturers are using dangerous chemical compounds. Most of these compounds are not approved for use on products designed for human consumption when they are regulated products. Many of the chemicals used during extraction leave a residue on the product and then are ingested by the consumer.

– There are no dosing or consumption regulations. People who purchase this substance can use as much as they want without any guidelines. This can quickly lead to overconsumption and addiction. There are also no guidelines on what can or cannot be used with this product at the same time.

This Is Not A CBD Product

It is vital to understand that Delta-8 is not a CBD product and should not be confused with this regulated product. CBD is a hemp-based wellness product, but it has met FDA guidelines, has purity standards, processing standards, and dosing guidelines.

Recovery written on small torn piece of paper

Delta-8 and Addiction

Addiction recovery centers are starting to experience an influx of people suffering from Delta-8 addiction. This substance is as addictive as other similar substances and has the same effects on your body as any type of substance addiction.

Substance abuse counselors have been the first to speak up about the emergence of this unregulated product and bring attention to everyone about the risks of Delta-8. Sadly, the product is still easily found in many stores and is available online. Since it is a health and wellness product, there are no buying limits or age restrictions for purchasing Delta-8.

Addictions do not always have to be about illicit drugs or prescription pain killers. There is real potential for addiction with substances like Delta-8. Sadly, these substances also come with high risks for other health problems as well because of the potential to consume dangerous chemical residue while using the product. If you have been using Delta-8, now is the time to stop. If you are having difficulty stopping, it is time to seek help from a substance recovery center.      

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